1. Design, Installation & Commissioning
  2. Service & Maintenance
  3. Energy Efficiency Surveys and Dilapidation Reports
  4. System Retrofits
  5. Compressor Rebuilds
  6. Turnkey Project Design Solutions
  7. H.V.A.C. Associated Services
  1. Design, Installation & Commissioning

    Technical Drawing

    We are able to offer a bespoke system design and installation program for the air conditioning and refrigeration industries that includes the calculation of the thermal heat loads, pipe work velocity and pressure drop calculations, electrical loadings and diversity factors, etc.

    This includes all aspects of industry that requires the application of refrigeration and air conditioning in this world of business critical applications.

    This encompasses both the commercial and industrial market sectors within food processing industry which includes cold & freezer stores, blast freezers, etc.

    At the opposite end of the spectrum, we operate within the comfort cooling sector of the market place which involves the application of the modular design V.R.V refrigeration units through to the packaged water chiller market which is applied to the buildings H.V.A.C equipment, along with the close temperature control units that are found in the main Data Center suites.

    Due to our independence, we are able to deliver and offer a diverse section of engineering components and solutions that is presently ultilised within this industrial engineering sector and by which has been gained by working closely alongside with many of the leading manufacturers and supply companies, all of which have developed class leading technologies within their own rights.

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  2. Service & Maintenance

    Service & Maintenance

    With the development of ever new technologies, it is important to understand how they may be embraced and correctly applied to this sector of the engineering market, in order to apply a suitable and cost effect routine to suite your operating system and equipment.

    The first step in this decision is to understand the function and criticality of your equipment, along with its present position in its operational life cycle. In order to establish this point it may be necessary for a full system audit and risk analysis to be conducted however this is generally dependent on the complexity nature of the plant and system involved.

    Following this analysis, alternative maintenance programs for the equipment can then be developed which will incorporate and appease the current statutory regulations that govern the safety and operation of the specified equipment, to which may involve any of the following engineered options or disciplines such as;

    • Planned preventive maintenance
    • Condition Based Monitoring
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Reliability Centered Maintenance

    There may be times when a specific component has been identified as nearing its critical failure point at the most inappropriate moment. This is not as disastrous as it may seem as the audit and risk analysis would have identified this point and allowed for a corrective plan of action to be formulated in order to prevent any intrusion into your company's scope of operations. However, should an unprecedented failure occur, it is of vital importance that the point of failure is responded too with utmost haste.

    This is where the option of our business maintenance support service allows our clients the provision of an emergency call-out service of within 4hours upon receipt of the emergency call, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

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  3. Energy Efficiency Surveys and Dilapidation Reports

    Vibration Analysis

    Due to the ever increasing financial burden placed upon us by the continual rising energy costs, it is important to recognise and understand how we can reduce our Carbon footprints in order to reduce our energy consumption. Our own Government, along with major global organisations have enabled the adoption of ever tightening legislation in order to reduce the energy that is being consumed. It is important to understand our responsibilities, both as an owner or operator of specific equipment, in order to comply with this ever tightening legislation.

    Prism Air Conditioning Ltd can provide you the service of identifying your energy wastage via the use of various analytical techniques. Dependent upon the style and capacity of the equipment that you operate, generally energy savings can be made just by a variation to previous adoptive practices that are in force; to say we operate it this way because we have always done is a very shallow way of thinking in this day and age.

    In understanding the engineering fundamentals and the associated design of the equipment, along with the use of energy monitoring equipment, will allow Prism Air Conditioning Ltd to develop an energy profile for the system, whereby the inefficiencies are identified and reduced in order to boost overall efficiency.

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  4. System Retrofits

    System Retrofits

    We can provide a comprehensive range of turnkey project solutions bespoke to any style and type of air conditioning and refrigeration plant. This can also include any secondary systems that encompass your existing H.V.A.C system.

    These system modifications and upgrades are aimed at increasing the overall energy efficiency of the equipment and their by reducing your operational costs. These can and may include any of the following;

    • Refrigerant retrofits.
    • Electronic expansion valves.
    • Liquid pump amplification.
    • Variable speed drives.
    • Compensator & anticipatory controls with full B.M.S integration.
    • Mechanical Free-cooling schemes.
    • Adiabatic spray systems
    • Heat recovery applications and systems integration

    Since we are a fully independent engineering company, we are able to provide a totally unbiased engineering opinion while being completely impartial and objective to the various engineering advance's in which many manufacturers will claim to provide you with greater energy efficient products, to which may be completely impractical if considered for application to your system operating criteria.

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  5. Compressor Services

    Compressor Rebuild

    Whether you require your refrigeration system compressor to be overhauled and serviced in order to maintain volumetric efficiency or that it has been identified with a point of criticality, Prism Air Conditioning Ltd can help.

    Dependent upon the capacity rating and complexity of the compressor, we can offer you either on-site rebuilds for all the leading compressor manufacturers, from the replacement of the reciprocating compressor valves through onto centrifugal compressor bearing replacements, shaft seal replacements etc. Or, if it is deemed or requested that the compressor undergoes a full workshop blueprint rebuild, then we have the experience and ability to undertake this project which can include the logistical movement of the compressor between its application and the workshop environment.

    Alternatively, we can also offer you either new direct replacement compressors or re-manufactured items, in order to suite your requirements.

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  6. Turnkey Project Design Solutions

    Refrigerant Circuit

    From an initial enquiry through to the installation and commissioning of the equipment, Prism Air Conditioning has the experience and knowledge to provide our client base with this service.

    Whether this is involves the upgrading and replacement of systems that have reached the end of their predicted lifecycle or to enable compliance with the ever changing demands of environmental and safety statutory regulations.

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  7. H.V.A.C. Associated Services

    Pipe Work

    In general, these cover the vast and varied engineering fields in relation to electrical & mechanical engineering services which are linked through our core market business sector. These services are designed and evolved in order to develop a complete encompassing engineering platform which provides our customers with a single business that is capable of exceeding their required expectations. These services include;

    • Commercial and industrial pipe work installations.
    • Air ducting fabrication & installation.
    • Commercial and industrial analytical combustion services.
    • Thermal insulation of ducting and pipe work services.
    • Saturated steam applications and diagnosis
    • Water analysis and treatment.
    • Air handling unit refurbishment including bespoke manufacture of replacement drive shafts along with full bearing replacement.
    • Circulating water and glycol pump set overhauls including on site shaft seal and main bearing replacement.
    • Air and water profiling and balancing surveys.
    • Control panel upgrades with full B.M.S interfacing.

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