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What We Do

What We Do

Prism Air Conditioning Ltd provides specialists engineering services to the refrigeration and air conditioning engineering sectors of industry.

By being independent of all major manufacturers, allows us to provide you with definitive unbiased engineering advice and guidance in the selection, design and operation of refrigeration systems. With this knowledge which has been gained over the years, it can be applied and used in supporting your engineering systems in an efficient fully functional and supportive way.

Our engineering ethics and understanding allows us to provide and maintain your equipment in order for it to be functioning and operating at its optimum level, while continual assessments, allows the development of solutions that best accommodates your requirements, while supporting your company's infrastructure.

Our Team

Compressor Rebuild

Our engineering technicians ensure maximum system reliability by taking total responsibility in regard to the H.V.A.C equipment and responding rapidly to any urgent emergency requests which may develop throughout the course of the equipments lifecycle.

With our wide in-depth system knowledge, this ensures that we have the technical engineering skills in order to manage and maintain your equipment, from the simple to the most complex of installations.

Our technicians are trained to confidently work on all styles of refrigerants that are generally found in the applied systems of today, such as;

  • H.C.F.C & H.F.C (hydro fluorocarbons) such as R.22, R.134a, R.407c, R404a etc
  • H.C.'s (hydrocarbons) such as propane R.290, isobutene R.600a etc
  • Natural refrigerants (inorganic compounds) such as ammonia R.717, water R.718 etc